Saab Electronic Control Units & Engine Control Modules (ECU, ECM)

I have a selection of fuel injection, passive restraint and ABS electronic control units (ECUs or ECMs) which I've not yet listed.

Because they are expensive and easily damaged by a faulty car, I'm holding them back until I can work out a sensible sales policy which protects both the buyer (so you don't pay for junk) and the seller (so the ECU isn't turned into junk).

If there is something you need, and you understand your car, ask me what I have. These Bosch units are on hand:

  • 0-280-000-514
  • 0-280-000-515
  • 0-280-000-531
  • 0-280-000-532
  • 0-280-000-536
  • 0-280-000-537
  • 0-280-000-538
  • 0-280-000-539
  • 0-280-000-564
  • 0-280-000-565
  • 0-280-000-566
  • 0-280-000-570
  • 0-280-000-580
  • 0-280-000-901
  • 0-280-000-905
  • 0-280-000-910

You can search on this page by Saab part number or by kind or function ("ABS") using your browser's search command.

Small Control Units (like for cruise control units) and relays are on separate pages.